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Human beings are programmed to be risk adverse. While Status Quo is not really comfortable, being adventurous, challenging your own limiting beliefs, could be quite scary! 

During my travels Away from Home, I've met thousands of people who's only wish is that they’d never settled, have taken more risks, spoken their mind, made their voice heard before was too late. Can you relate to that feeling? 

Today I have the privilege of introducing you the most fascinating, courageous women, The Unstoppable Serah Lister, Agent of Change and great Inspiration for thousand s of people who are listening to her radio show in London. Serah's story inspired me to write "The Simple Truth - Great Conversations about Risks taking with Serah Lister".

What Risks you are afraid of taking right now?
Be inspired, be the Risk Taker, never settle for less than you deserve!

Let me know your story!

    What are the Risks you are afraid of taking now?

<![CDATA[Make The News!]]>Tue, 23 Jun 2015 15:47:43 GMThttp://www.academyofsignificance.com/radio-interviews/make-the-newsMAKE THE NEWS with Pete Walter!!!

Get media exposure to attract ideal clients 
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Build the confidence to deal with the media 

Pete's vast experience as a TV Producer at the BBC, Channel 4, Five, MTV, the corporate film making allows him to understand the real world of entrepreneurs, acting professionals, authors and creative, heart centered small business owners, and today he is unveiling the shortcut to the media's heart.

The director of First Take is teaching the skills that are going to help you attract media attention and become an irresistible media attraction, that gives you the exposure you need to be seen, heard and present in the local and international media.

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<![CDATA[Enter the Dreams' Volt with Marina Nani]]>Wed, 20 May 2015 19:39:04 GMThttp://www.academyofsignificance.com/radio-interviews/enter-the-dreams-volt-with-marina-nani
I hold no answers to your questions but I have a song!
If you are like me and love learning specialized knowledge, you already know that impossible doesn't exist. 
When my Unlimited Success Coach, Ashwin Willemse 
taught me this basic truth, I was still on the fence...
So what I've done in the last two years? I went on to conquer my fears, my limiting beliefs and turn "impossible" into I'M POSSIBLE! I broadcast my Passion, Building wealth by making The Difference while travelling Away from Home.

"Perhaps, I am not good enough to speak on stage" is a thought you might have right now, and would be greatly entertained by people who are looking down on you, not to lift you up, but to pin you down. 
The truth is that you are your only competition! 
How do I know? I only race against myself. 
I am here to lilt you up and give you the good news!Talking from stage is no different than talking with yourself or with your friends. 
You don’t need a degree, you don’t need another course. 
Speaking from stage is only an open heart away! 
And this, is all you need to know:
1. Can you speak from your heart?
2. Can you share your passion without thinking that you need to be perfect but be proud of your prefect imperfections? 
3. Can you tell your story? 
4. Can you name the things that you love and explain why?

Thinking without taking action is as bad as taking action without thinking. If you imagine the world as a puzzle, and you are not making the money you deserve, is only because you are the missing piece. 
Be the Master piece!

With Infinite Love 
Marina Nani
Award Winning Author, Founder, 
The Academy of Significance
Marina Awayfromhome
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Enter The Dreams' Volt to
attract Ideal Clients that are ready to pay for the unfair advantage of learning from you!

<![CDATA[INFLUENCE YOUR WORLD  with Marina Nani]]>Fri, 17 Apr 2015 14:55:28 GMThttp://www.academyofsignificance.com/radio-interviews/influence-your-world-with-marina-nani
How do you broadcast your Passion?
There are keys to everything: keys to success, keys to wealth, keys to investment, keys to knowledge, and you should use them all, one by one. Today I want you to open one door, the only door that takes you to your heart, to your passion.
Imagine that Life is this huge palace with thousands of rooms, you may even don’t know how many there are. When you are born, you are born in one room, and if is comfortable enough, you might never leave it. Lately, I realized that there are two windows to my room, my eyes, but no doors. Once I start looking outside those windows, I wanted to be there, where everything is happening. When I noticed that there was no door to leave my room, my first thought was to find a secret door, but I could not find one. I've got exhausted looking for what I did not have and I draw a door for myself; the door was real, and took me to a world of wonders: the world of me, all that I am, all that I can be, and more- what I want to be!
When I start voicing my passion, sharing the song I had in my heart for years, something happened and people start listening. Next thing I remember is that  every single door I reached in front of me, start opening, one after another, automatically.

There is a colossal need for influencers at Present. personally, I have a sense of urgency and I am motivated by the fear of not giving you 
what belongs to you: your Passion!
There are not enough People of Significance to create Great Influence and, as a result, we leave room for devastating influencers instead!

Influence is a very tall order not because you become the Influencer leading people you love and care for, but because:
1. you have to turn your back on them, otherwise, you, yourself, will go backwards
2. You Make best choices for them, to influence them for the best outcome for all involved 
yes, there is a price to pay, once The Influencer, you lead a different life than you would outside the Zone of Influence, a life with Purpose for the greater good!
You can Broadcast Your Passion Away from Home, make the big Difference and the big Money you need to make that difference, at the same time, while travelling and making this world-the BETTER WORLD! 
Marina Nani
Founder, Academy of Significance

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